If you are the lucky owner of a new apartment or a successful landlord, the idea of renovating your living space has probably come to you eventually. 

Apartment renovations differ from detached house renovations. The apartment contains communal areas that must be considered during the renovation process and numerous very close neighbors who are likely to have their own opinions on whatever work you perform.

You’ll also have to deal with the corporate body and adhere to the norms of your apartment complex and the laws in your jurisdiction when it comes to apartment repairs, so you’ll be up against several obstacles. 

With this in mind, we recommend that you use a reputable contractor, such as KS Renovation, which has vast expertise in renovating homes and apartments and can save you time and stress.

Before beginning your apartment restoration project, this post informs you about some of the most critical factors. Also, to exchange apartment renovation ideas

Apartment Renovation Ideas

Cosmetic Changes 

Before deciding whether or not to renovate your flat completely, evaluate whether you may get a lot of what you want with a few inexpensive updates. Without a doubt, a few immediate modifications can drastically transform the look of your property for very little money. Paint, a thorough cleaning (especially of your windows), new knobs on kitchen joinery or closet doors, and carpet replacement can all be done for very little money and effort and make a massive difference in how your apartment looks and feels.

If you live in a small flat, we recommend painting the entire space the same color, which we usually recommend a brilliant white to allow light to bounce around.

Updating your furniture, decor, and accessories may make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your house. If you’re not sure you can handle it yourself, hire an interior designer. In certain situations, interior designers may pass on the trade discounts they receive from suppliers, so ordering through them might save you a lot of money if you’re furnishing an entire apartment.

Hiring an experienced contractor, like KS Renovation, who can assist you with design and innovative ideas for remodeling your apartment will kill two birds with one stone.

Major Renovations

Updates to your kitchen, bathroom(s), fixed flooring, or structural alterations are all examples of significant upgrades (e.g., knocking down a wall to create a more open-plan feel). These adjustments will necessitate formal approvals, so make sure you plan ahead of time to guarantee you stay on track.

Renovating a Kitchen

Renovating a Kitchen

Renovations to the kitchen will bring the most value and effect to your apartment, but they will also be the most costly. A kitchen might cost anywhere from $15,000 to $60,000, depending on your apartment and kitchen size. We’d like to provide you with an instructive article that outlines the costs of kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen renovation and remodeling might require a fair amount of thoughtfulness. Consider using our best ideas for kitchen remodeling. You can replace door/drawer fronts, countertops, sink, faucet, appliances, and backsplash if you’re on a tight budget and your kitchen is in good shape (but needs a cosmetic update). 

If you are not planning on staying in the flat for a long time or want to renovate your kitchen before renting it out, cosmetic remodels may be a good solution. However, if you plan to stay in the flat for more than 3-5 years, a complete kitchen makeover is recommended, as it will allow you to construct a kitchen that matches your particular needs and wishes. Learn how long does it take to renovate the kitchen.

If you decide to undergo a full kitchen makeover, make sure you don’t over-capitalize and spend more than you can recoup if you have to sell, unless you have a limitless budget.

You can research comparable properties in your area. What price did they sell? What do kitchens/bathrooms look like? Or even talk to a local real estate agent to get advice for your space. 

In part, you can sign up for a free consultation with KS Renovation. This contractor can give you a realistic idea of how much a renovation can increase the value of your apartment. 

Also, know the bulky goods that must be “encircled.” This might be the water heater or the fuse box, frequently found in older apartments’ kitchens. Because moving them is rarely an option, you’ll have to get creative with building around them while maintaining the intended plan if you have them in your flat.

Renovating a Bathroom

Renovating a Bathroom

Because it is readily outdated and wears out faster than other elements of the apartment owing to regular use, the bathroom is also one of the most typical renovation adjustments.

A small bathroom can cost up to $20,000, depending on the tiling, fixtures, and fixtures you choose and whether you wish to relocate any services. Luxury amenities such as underfloor heating, heated towel rails, high-end fixtures/tile fixtures, floor-to-ceiling glass shower panels, and so on will set you back a lot more when remodeling a high-end bathroom.

You can find more information about bathroom renovation costs.

Given that many apartments have small bathrooms making the most available space is critical. If your apartment is unlikely to appeal to future family purchasers (for example, a one-room apartment), you may want to consider eliminating the bathtub to conserve space. 

Also, try replacing shower enclosures with glass panels, which gives the impression of a larger bathroom and makes it simpler to move around.

We also provide you with the top 7 bathroom remodeling ideas.

Always consider waterproofing while upgrading a bathroom in an apartment (in particular). Make sure you hire a waterproofing specialist that offers a guarantee on his work and has previous experience working in flats. If something goes wrong in your apartment complex due to poor waterproofing, you may be held liable for the entire cost of repairs, so choose specialists carefully.

Lastly, while remodeling a bathroom, keep in mind that moving plumbing fixtures in apartments can be challenging, time-consuming (and often impossible), especially if the building is primarily concrete. Prepare yourself with our essential guide “How long does a bathroom remodel take”. Take If access between floors of the apartment is limited, it will be impossible to move the plumbing. As a result, you will have to make repairs on the principle of “like everyone else” in terms of the location of communications (plumbing, toilets, etc.). It is sometimes easier to shift the utilities on the first floor, albeit it will be more expensive (and require corporate approval).



Windows are frequently “owned” by a corporation and must be updated throughout an apartment complex to preserve uniformity in appearance.

Individual owners are generally prohibited from altering or painting them because this would result in specific windows in the building appearing to be different from others. However, you can conceal them from the inside by putting on blinds or anything similar.

However, some strata bylaws are severe on window coverings, so you should study them thoroughly before purchasing. You may be permitted to replace your old, unsightly curtains with blinds, but you may not be permitted if the blinds alter the appearance of the building, so double-check everything before starting.

If the building’s windows are poor, you should check if the corporation’s funds are surplus before purchasing. If significant modifications are required, they will ask each owner to pay the costs. If you’re on a tight budget and spend all of your money on apartment improvements, paying a hefty bill for new windows in the complex can be stressful. Consider the possibilities!



A word about lighting: many apartments now feature flush mount lights, which means the ceiling is either built of concrete or there is no space between the floors to place recessed lights. As a result, the types of lighting you can use to replace them will be limited. You won’t be able to get downlights to replace flush mounts (in most cases), so be aware of your options.

However, there are now several surface-mounted spotlights on the market that are extremely good. Installing a false ceiling to create a cavity for recessed LEDs or pendant lights could be a choice if you have high ceilings. The disadvantage is that you will lose head height, and there are also regulation heights for habitable rooms, so be sure you know what they are.


If you already live in your apartment when you begin remodeling, consider how your neighbors will respond to your apartment renovation before you get too far along in your design.

Are they challenging?

Are they people you know?

Do they have any complaints about noise or other building elements, or are they rather laid-back?

Whatever circumstance you’re in, it’s critical to think about how your apartment renovation may affect your neighbors. It will always involve some level of noise, and it may cause discomfort for your neighbors in terms of dirt in shared areas, safety (if entry doors are chocked open), or continuous tradespeople.

Approaching your neighbors and discussing the project with them is the most considerate thing you can do before starting any work. Explain the design to them and answer any queries they may have. Let them know you’ll be doing your best to keep noise to a minimum. You’ll be talking to your trades about keeping all communal areas clean and tidy (although all of these are likely to be stipulations put on you by the body corporate anyway). Remember, once your makeover is finished, you’ll have to confront your neighbors in the corridor every day, so try to keep on speaking terms as much as possible!

Seek expert input

It’s advisable to enlist the services of a registered design expert, interior designer, and builder who is licensed to work in Class 2 structures for substantial renovations (or following local laws).

You may also require the assistance of other consultants. Make a plan for what you want to do, and consult with professionals to determine whether it’s feasible and within your budget. Hiring a designer will cost you extra, but the experience a skilled designer brings to your project will save you money in the long run. A professional designer will also be able to assist you with some of the concerns and problems discussed in this article.

If you are not a seasoned renovator, the designer will likely provide you with a slew of suggestions that you may not have considered, such as making the most of the space and tailoring it to your own needs.

However, the best approach would be to combine everyone listed in KS Renovation general contractor to save money and not stretch yourself over a large number of assistants.

Understand Your Design Services

Make sure you understand the services of hiring an architect or contractor. What is included and not included is one of my favorite questions to ask. Check to see what services your apartment remodeling architect provides and what they do not provide.

Is your architect including finish drawings with material and product specifications? Is there a plan for electrical and lighting? You should also confirm whether and how many sites visit the architect will conduct. Architectural apartment renovation services are complex, and not all companies charge the same amount for the same services.

Communication and Coordination Are Key

It’s a negative omen if the architect and contractor don’t meet before the apartment renovation begins. Everyone involved in the project should be on the same page. The apartment renovation should be carried out in a transparent and coordinated manner. Ascertain that everyone on the team is in communication and on the same page. Issues and challenges will inevitably develop. There’s no need to be alarmed, and no one should be pointing fingers. The staff must work together to resolve any difficulties in the best interests of the unit and you.

Inquire about the frequency with which your crew will be on the job site. Your architect and contractor won’t be able to stay every day, but they will need to come as often as necessary to finish the project.

Some Ways to Make Your Tenant’s Life Easier

These apartment renovation ideas get to the heart of what attracts and motivate renters to pay higher rents. You should look at the improvements that will result in higher rent pricing. High-quality tenants will be willing to pay a higher rent when employment and wages rise.

  1. Stylish Interior Painting – Instead of a single off-white color for the entire flat, how about various tints for different areas? Paint is a cost-effective technique to improve appearance and generate a positive renter experience.
  2. Removable Wallpaper for Accent Walls – “No wallpaper!” when it comes to accent walls with removable wallpaper. If it can be removed, you might want to try your hand at wallpapering to brighten your bedrooms or bathrooms.
  3. New Flooring  – New flooring materials are both inexpensive and simple to install on the market. Their presence can help you charge a greater rent by giving your flat a fresh look.
  4. Stylish Blinds – Installing modern blinds allows residents to control the amount of light and heat that enters the apartment from the sun.
  5. Flat Screen TV Wall Mount – This can be placed in the most convenient and practical location to allow tenants to keep the TV off the floor and out of the way.
  6. Use Higher Quality Light Switch Plates – Combine new touch-based switches and dimmer switches with higher-quality light switch plates – arguably the cheapest option to give your flat a professional, modern look.
  7. Stylish Toilet Paper Holders – There are a variety of modern toilet paper holders that exude elegance and high taste.
  8. New Door Handles Instead of Old Style Knobs – Door knobs are out of style, so replace them with new door handles. Handles are more upscale and easier to open and close.
  9. Wireless Smart Home Devices –  Nest or Wemo wireless intelligent home systems allow tenants to manage lights, temperature and even blinds using their cellphones.
  10. Tile The Kitchen Counter Backsplash – a contemporary tiled backsplash offers the kitchen a unique and sophisticated appearance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you’re thinking about upgrading an apartment, my significant recommendations are to:

  • Seek professional guidance from someone qualified to work on a Class 2 building (i.e., a unit, apartment, or condo).
  • Find out the restrictions in your apartment complex when it comes to upgrading.
  • Think about whether a cosmetic upgrade would suffice.
  • If you decide to conduct a significant remodeling, make sure you don’t overextend your money.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors and consider how you would feel if they were renovating directly next door.

We hope the information provided above has helped guide your decision-making as you plan your apartment renovation.

Find The Best Apartment Renovation Ideas With KS Renovation

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