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Top 10 Types Of Flooring – Choose The Best Option + FAQ

The floor is the largest surface in your home, and the best type of flooring for you depends on your budget, lifestyle, and personal tastes. KS Renovation has various flooring options to make your living area more functional and appealing.


How To Choose From The 10 Best Kitchen Countertop Materials?

Choosing from countertop materials is a huge decision – both cost and impact on your kitchen’s aesthetics and practical function. We want to share our top 10 suggestions with you.


Soundproofing In Apartments. The best NYC apartment guide.

Got annoyed by eases-dropping neighbors? Soundproofing in apartments might be an overwhelming task. KS Renovation has some ideas and FAQ prepared for you.


Costs of Kitchen Remodel. All You Need To Know

Does this question confuse you? No wonder! It isn’t easy to know how much your kitchen remodeling project will cost right away. Read this post & plan your remodeling budget as soon as possible with ease.


7 Best Ideas For Bathroom Remodeling. The Smart Approach

The bathroom is the most intimate place in your home; remodeling can bring doubts & issues. Read our list of 7 Best ideas for bathroom remodeling.


Best Top 5 Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling You Should Consider

KS Renovation is sharing the top 5 ideas for kitchen remodeling to make yours better with less pain and mistakes.


Renovation VS Remodeling. The Ultimate 8 Things Guide. The Best Explanation

Find out the most significant difference between home renovation vs remodeling. It’s essential to use the proper term.


How Long Does A Bathroom Remodel Take? 3 Critical Things To Know

How long does a bathroom remodeling take? Learn more about the bathroom remodeling process to understand current timelines.


How Long Does It Take To Renovate The Kitchen? 4 Necessary Things Perfect Guide + Timeline

How long does a kitchen remodeling take? Find out everything about kitchen remodeling and why it may take longer than expected.