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7 Best Ideas For Bathroom Remodeling. The Smart Approach

7 Best Ideas For Bathroom Remodeling. The Smart Approach

Ideas For Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom can seem like a daunting task.

Your bathroom is a place where a cozy, comfortable, and aesthetic environment should help you throw off your shoulders and the stress of a busy day, rest, and tune in to further achievements. The 7 ideas for bathroom remodeling listed below are essential not only for a relaxing environment but also for comfort in the everyday routine of using bathroom furniture and plumbing.

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Difficulties In The Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling, like kitchen remodeling, brings homeowners a lot of inconveniences, missed deadlines, and high costs.

Recognizing that the bathroom is essential, choosing a new visual look is not an easy task. 

The purpose of a bathroom is simple, but there’s no limit to the decorative potential and the number of amenities you can include.

We’ve gathered a list of 7 crucial ideas for bathroom remodeling to help you out with this process.

Idea 1. Open Plan

Do you have a desire to create a unique and bright bathroom? The open space plan is definitely for you!

One characteristic that distinguishes the bathroom is its non-traditional light source.

The shower and tub’s bold, minimalist open arrangement, which includes swiveling glass doors that can be left open to maximize light and circulation from windows or prevent undesired splashing from the shower, is a great way to maximize your bathroom space.

Idea 2. Double Wall-Mounted Sinks

On the other hand, Double sinks can offer the impression of additional space in your bathroom while also increasing functionality. This concept allows you to create personal space for yourself and your sweetheart without causing discomfort.

Idea 3. Add Some Wall Tile

Covering bathroom walls from floor to ceiling with stone or tile has become a widespread design trend, which is practical in cleaning and has the visual advantage of drawing the eye upward, creating a sense of space.

You have a field of creativity in front of you. You can appeal as a dark highlight of your bathroom by choosing a dark marble wall. Or otherwise – give your preference to light walls, visually expanding and enlarging your bathroom space.

Idea 4. Don’t Forget About Lighting

We suggest LED lighting, adding a glamorous touch to an elegant wall-mounted shower niche. Ambient light can create a soothing glow for a nighttime shower and add another illumination level to a room deprived of natural light if you’re trying to add a light to your shower niche.

Idea 5. Reconsider Installing a Shower Bench

When you remodel your bathroom shower, almost everyone installs a shower bench because that’s “what you need.” But if you talk to people who have a built-in shower bench, you’ll see that most people rarely use it. And if they do, they often use it to pick up bottles of shampoo and conditioner, not to sit on it. 

We advise you to purchase a shower bench made of quality wood. This trick keeps the one-piece shower glass panels’ clean look- a natural spa!

Idea 6. Consider A Heated Toilet Seat

Some of you may be asking now, “Why?” because it’s a bit of unnecessary addition, but it’s pretty inexpensive and, frankly, pretty impressive. It creates extra coziness and comfort in the bathroom and your personal space.

It’s something you need to plan, as a heated seat requires an outlet on the toilet wall, but otherwise, it’s just buying a toilet seat and plugging it in. And like I said, it’s not a very expensive addition – we have (this toilet seat) that costs less than $100 more than a regular seat.

Idea 7. Install Fan Timer Switcher

The toilet room fan and shower fan are on fan timer switches instead of typical on/off switches, and it’s the best!

With a simple press of the button, the fan goes on and automatically goes off after the set time. 

In the toilet room, you might have {this timer} with presets of 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes and for the shower might have {this timer} with presets of 10, 20, 30, and 60 minutes.

Also, because the KS Renovation contractor installs an in-line ventilation fan that is remotely located away from the bathroom in the attic, bathroom fans can be virtually silent (which means that the noise of the motor is away from the bathroom too).

It works just like a regular fan but without the noise, which is a remarkable difference from our former bathroom fan, which was so loud that nothing could be heard over it.

How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?

Bathroom remodels take roughly 2 weeks on average, and occasionally even less. Large custom bathrooms might take several weeks to complete. 

Perhaps you should read our article on the detailed description and explanation of the duration of bathroom remodeling.

Partner With a Full-Service Remodeler

The advantage of working with the KS Renovation team is that we are a full-service company. We will take care of you from the initial design phase to obtain the necessary permits to complete the project. We supply and install all materials. 

We also recognize that you may be considering redesigning your kitchen for many reasons. Perhaps you wish to improve the room’s safety by installing a fantastic bathtub that is simple to use. Maybe you’re ready to spoil yourself with the magnificent main bathroom, complete with a Jacuzzi tub and marble countertops.

More Reasons to Choose Us for Your Bathroom Remodel

Maybe you have a firm sense of the bathroom remodel you want, but you’re unsure what to look for in a contractor besides experience and strong customer reviews. At KS Renovation, we have all the other attributes of a reputable contractor, namely:

Start Exploring Best Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling With KS Renovation

The KS Renovation team is ready to help you with your kitchen renovation or remodel of any scale and difficulty.
We’ll gladly walk you through your options and give you a free consultation for your next project.

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