The kitchen is experiencing a renaissance – more and more people are starting to prioritize healthy eating at home rather than in restaurants. As a result, homeowners are focusing on creating luxury kitchens that allow them to cook in style.

A modern kitchen should not only be functional but look great. Today, luxury kitchen design is becoming increasingly popular. While the phrase ‘high-end design’ may have certain connotations, this design varies greatly depending on individual preferences.

With the proper planning and choice of renovation partner, the design of your dream kitchen should fit your budget.

There will inevitably be challenges when designing and creating your dream kitchen. From internally arguing about the perfect design to keeping within your renovation budget, all of these challenges can be solved with the help of a professional design and build contractor. KS Renovation can serve you well in this matter. 

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? If so, you’ll want to take note of how luxury kitchen design is trending right now. In order to stay on top of the latest ideas, it’s essential to keep a close eye on what other homeowners are doing with their own kitchens. After all, there’s no sense in creating something that won’t stand out as exciting or new. But what do these trends mean for your future renovation? Let’s find out…

Read on to find out more about luxury kitchen design trends for high-end clients. 

Luxury Kitchen Countertop Material

High-end countertops for kitchens and bathrooms are among the many uses for marble, a natural, abundant stone. This variety is what makes marble such a desirable design element. Marble countertops are nearly always used in luxurious kitchen designs because of the stone’s natural motions and brilliance.

However, quartz, which is relatively inexpensive, contains many of the same aesthetic luxuries. Quartz is made to be more robust than marble, which is soft and prone to breakage and is much more than just a less expensive kitchen countertop substitute. This indicates that quartz will continue to save you money by reducing the frequency of costly repairs.

If you are looking for other types of worktop material for your kitchen, read our article – Countertop Materials. 

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The Brand-Name Appliance Compain

High-end companies like Sub-Zero, Viking, and Wolf have built their reputations for years on their performance, adaptability, and attractive finishes. Because of this, many homeowners are adamant about including certain kitchen appliances in their new luxury kitchen designs.

While other appliances also look good and work well, those particular brand names do so. The outstanding performance of lesser-known brands like Jenn-Air and Bosch is also well known, but they don’t have the same heavy price tags. They require far less upkeep because they are practical and made for the typical household.

Custom Cabinetry Alternatives

Because of their high quality, dependability, and functionality, the well-known cabinet brands are as notable. Additionally, many manufacturers will create cabinets specifically for a particular luxury kitchen design. Every fantasy kitchen design, after all, includes luxurious finishes to fit the distinctive countertops and unique appliances.

Fortunately, floating shelves may make wall cabinets more distinctive and fashionable. Additionally, several lesser-known firms produce classic, luxurious kitchen cabinets but don’t display them in glitzy showrooms. A creative design-build company will have relationships with numerous of these businesses and be able to provide you with a range of cabinet types at a much lower cost.

Read more to find out about more cabinet tips for your luxury kitchen. Resign here – Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas.

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A Perfectly Integrated Refrigerator

The refrigerator, I see. is a basic item in any kitchen. Whether preparing a meal or needing a late-night snack, it is the device we use. When it comes to luxury refrigerators, there are so many various designs, hues, and forms to pick from.

Whatever refrigerator you decide on, it’s crucial to ensure your design enables the appliance to be put in. Jutting takes up space and may look awkward. One aspect of luxury kitchen design is incorporating a kitchen that melds smoothly with the rest of the area. When creating your kitchen design, bear this in mind.

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A Roomy Design for Cooking and Hosting

Although it’s not always the case and dramatically varies by the size of the house, more and more contemporary kitchen designs include enough room for cooking and visitors. When drawing out the plans for your kitchen, it’s crucial to keep in mind whether you plan to host family gatherings as well as guests and neighbors.

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Hidden Garbage and Recycling

Your kitchen’s recycling and trash should be out of the way, much like your refrigerator. It is difficult to maneuver when recycling and trash bins are positioned next to the kitchen island and may also draw ants and other insects.

Check out this excellent post for ideas on incorporating top-notch waste management features into your kitchen without losing beauty. Who knew picking up trash could be so appealing?

Functional Kitchen Islands

In opulent kitchens, the kitchen island is a standard component. It serves as the room’s center point and is where everyone congregates when attending events or simply cooking dinner with the family. And using the kitchen island as a functional workspace in addition to extra counter space is essential for elevating your luxury kitchen design to the next level.

Make your kitchen island more useful by including a burner or sink. While seated on the stools on the opposite side, you can converse with friends while cooking on one side. Additionally, people use their kitchen islands to store pots and pans or to place tiny wine refrigerators that they might not otherwise have space for.

Open more advantages of kitchen islands in our article – How to Design Kitchen.

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Easy-to-Use Smart Home Features

There are many contrasts between contemporary luxury kitchens now and high-end kitchen designs from the past. The application of technology is one such distinction. Modern luxury kitchens employ technological advancement to produce a more functional area.

The Instant Pot, the Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer, and this wonderful GeniCan enable you to scan barcodes of goods you’re tossing out and automatically add them to your shopping list. These are just a few fantastic smart-home features you can use in your kitchen.

Purposeful Storage

A very wealthy touch for your kitchen is tailoring your storage solutions to your items’ demands. Consider making the doors to a corner shelf area into a slide-in feature. When opened and pulled back, the quality reveals a cozy coffee and tea nook complete with mugs, cream, sugar, a coffee maker, and a hot water kettle. This makes it highly accessible when you need it every morning while also helping to disguise the clutter of those items.

The concealed storage for small appliances we mentioned illustrates storage with a purpose. You can advance and obtain genuinely constructed drawers to order and house every kitchen tool in its precisely sized section. Spice racks in pull-out drawers work similarly but with tiered rows to keep them arranged and visible.

Even trash cans and cleaning supplies should have their dedicated pull-out drawers on wheels storage space under the sink. These storage options assist you in maintaining cleanliness and order and protect your back by preventing you from bending over and sifting through a mountain of clutter to get what you need.

Built-in Lighting

Let’s face it, the overhead lighting in the kitchen is sometimes the worst in the entire house. Additionally, you can find yourself cooking at the stove under the nearly excessively bright range hood light. Integral illumination can help with it. Your cabinets and kitchen area have integrated lighting that softens the description and allows you to see what you’re doing.

LED strips might be attached underneath your cabinets as integrated illumination, providing the ideal glow for chopping vegetables on the kitchen counter when you need it while remaining hidden when not in use.

Installing LED lights that can change colors at the touch of a button would make your kitchen an exciting place to gather for dinner (or bright flashing colors for a party). Even better, you may install lighting in your kitchen drawers and cupboards that turn on only when a drawer is opened. There’s no need to fumble around in the cabinet’s shadows, looking for the one casserole dish towards the back.

Read more about lighting for your kitchen here – How to Design Kitchen.

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Healthy design alternatives

You should discuss healthy and eco-friendly design options to offer your client the ultimate luxury kitchen design. 

Choosing materials and finishes with no hazardous chemicals is considered a healthy design. For the countertops, for instance, you might use ultra-compact quartz, which is both environmentally benign and doesn’t require a topical sealer (which frequently contains pesticides).

If you’re planning to include one, you can purchase a kitchen runner made of natural fibers free of the harmful chemicals in pre-treated synthetic rugs. You can also use upcycled cabinet doors to lessen your carbon footprint. Other options include choosing a natural oil treatment for the kitchen floors rather than the typical polyurethane that can cause respiratory problems.

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One of the worst renovation mistakes you may make is assuming your luxury kitchen must have the priciest features. The typical homeowner may find it challenging to find more affordable options, but creativity is encouraged when dealing with a full-service design-build company like KS Renovation.

Make a Luxury Kitchen Design with KS Renovation

Our team will be happy to help you with your dream project, give you sound advice and suggest best practices so that you can save yourself time and money.

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