Renovating a home, especially a complete gut restoration, may be challenging no matter where you live. However, the reality is that the process will be more difficult if your residence is an apartment in New York City.

The fact is, there are other considerations while upgrading in New York. KS Renovation is deconstructing precisely what goes into the price of an NYC apartment renovation to reduce some of the complexities around the process. Both what to anticipate and the reasons behind them should be clear to you.

Contact us immediately for a free consultation if you’re planning an NYC apartment renovation. Continue reading to learn more about the factors that contribute to the cost.

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1# Limits On Time in NYC Apartment Renovation

The restrictions on working hours are stricter in apartment complexes. The usual workday lasts from 8 to 5. Apartment buildings typically have 9 to 4 workdays.

Buildings have restricted “noisy work” to specified times of the day in the era of COVID and increased work from home, adding to the time constraints.

That does not imply that you can begin the apartment renovation at nine in the morning. You must first install all the security measures around public spaces. Given that this could take up to an hour, your estimated start time is now at 10.

nyc apartment renovation

Furthermore, due to the many occupants in the apartment building, it is impossible to simply leave the security measures in the communal areas up; instead, they must be taken down at the end of each workday, which takes an additional hour. In contrast to the 8–5 workday that might be feasible in a private home, you are now looking at a workday of 10–3. A shorter workday lengthens the project’s duration, which raises the overall cost.

2# Usage & Delivery Considerations For Elevators

In apartment buildings, elevator usage is practically obligatory. (Others may be remodeling their homes.) Naturally, it takes longer to move objects when an elevator is required. Sometimes, elevator dimensions might not be sufficient to transport the materials.

For instance, if you need to transport framing to an apartment on the sixth story, but it won’t fit in the elevator, you’ll either have to take the stairs (which can take a long time if you’re completing an entire apartment and need to frame the whole thing) or cut the materials to size off-site. It frequently happens like this in older structures.

Hiring a boom truck is sometimes necessary to bring things inside through a window. All of this must be considered when planning the project, which takes more time and costs more money in the case of the boom truck.

The same goes for deliveries, which require extensive planning. Everything may typically be brought to a private residence once and kept until needed. Deliveries must be scheduled in an apartment building to only conflict with that day’s work.

The best way to go about it

To provide what is required each week, as it is needed. You have to deal with 9, 10, or 12 potential deliveries. It costs more, in general, to deliver to the city. You usually have to pay a premium for dealing with city traffic, street parking, and minimum delivery requirements.

Speaking of parking on the street, it can increase the time needed to finish a project. The items must then be carried to the building if the delivery vehicle parks at the block’s end.

Due to the reasons we’ve already discussed, bathroom remodels that might only take two weeks to complete in a private home could take four weeks.

3# Rules of Buildings (and Cities)

Apartment buildings must adhere to building and city rules, which is another significant distinction between them and private residences. When remodeling damp areas in apartment buildings, you must always take waterproofing precautions to avoid the possibility of water seeping into the unit below the one being worked on.

Even when there is no practical necessity, buildings often impose strict regulations on replacing all branch lines, shut-off valves, and vent stacks in apartment building repairs of moist regions. Private dwellings typically don’t have this problem.

Private homeowners can also minimize costs by hiring members of the carpenter’s crew to perform plumbing tasks like dishwasher installation or faucet replacement. Not so for apartment buildings because any plumbing maintenance, no matter how modest, must be completed by registered plumbers, which can add significantly to the cost.

nyc apartment renovation

Certified electricians, as well as plumbers, must always do electrical work. Because they are so strictly regulated, especially in NYC, certified electricians and plumbers are frequently very expensive. Older plumbing is prone to gas leaks. Thus city agencies and the Department of Buildings have implemented stringent standards to prevent accidents that will harm all the building’s residents.

On the other hand, management buildings will often require that all plumbing work, even something as simple as installing a dishwasher, be done by a licensed plumber. Accountability is mostly to blame for this. Even a small leak can do a lot of harm to the apartments below you in addition to your own. Essentially, alteration agreements are in place for this reason.

Before permitting projects to be scheduled, building management companies examine and approve proposed upgrades to ensure that the businesses, contractors, and design-build firms working in their buildings have the necessary insurance to cover any potential issues.

4# Site Conditions

This is where the hidden costs of repairing pre-war apartments in New York that are in excellent condition come into play. Pre-war flats frequently feature unsuitable site conditions, such as asbestos, plaster or cement walls, cloth wiring that needs to be rebuilt, and plumbing that hasn’t been addressed in years.

nyc apartment renovation

Most complete interior apartment renovations involve putting up, shifting, or removing walls. This calls for installing new circuitry or possibly rewiring the entire residence. There are no restrictions on how cables can be run in a private home. Typically, they are dropped into the wall after being funneled through the ceiling. Surprise! Apartment complexes do not permit this. Apartment structures forbid channeling ceilings and occasionally even party walls (walls shared with neighbors). Thus, the only options for routes to send wires from the electrical panel to wherever they need to go are non-party walls.

Site circumstances affect how long it takes to finish remodeling an apartment, which drives up expenditures. However, you can also put up a dumpster outside a private residence and deposit all the trash inside as you work. Apartments do not provide this as a choice. Your best option is to load the bulky material into a van or pickup truck one bucket at a time and transport it away. As a result, depending on the size of the project, the time component is frequently increased by a factor of two or three.

5# Living In The City

The time that street parking can add to a project has already been noted. The expense is increased by more than just having to walk materials, though. You have to deal with parking tickets, whether from parking in prohibited areas or overfilling meters. While there are typically a few spaces designated for loading and unloading, there’s no guarantee that you can get one of those spots.

The time that street parking can add to a project has already been noted. The expense is increased by more than just having to walk materials, though. You have to deal with parking tickets, whether from parking in prohibited areas or overfilling meters. While there are usually a few spaces designated for loading and unloading, there’s no guarantee that you can get one of those spots.

nyc apartment renovation

Parking tickets are typically factored into the job budget because they are an inevitable part of upgrading in New York City. Parking tickets can cost up to a few thousand dollars for any project that lasts three to four months, which is considered when creating the budget.

Additionally, labor expenses are often higher in the metropolis. In Manhattan and Brooklyn, the demand for qualified laborers and contractors has recently outpaced the supply, raising prices in and of itself.

Parking tickets, lot conditions, and elevator use. The intricacy of these projects becomes apparent when you begin listing all the elements unique to flats in New York City.

KS Renovation is here to guide you through every step of renovating your NYC flat, from planning and design to knowing what each component of the project needs.

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