The bathroom is the first place you want to return to after a long day at work. A homely and peaceful atmosphere should help you release tension and spend time in peace and tranquillity. 

Are you looking for bathroom remodel ideas in New York City? We extend you a hand.

KS Renovation offers you 6 unique and concise ideas to redecorate your bathroom.

These 6 NYC bathroom remodel ideas are unique and versatile as they can fit into any size bathroom. 

Contact a highly experienced KS Renovation contractor to find the best nyc bathroom remodel ideas. 

NYC Bathroom Remodel Idea 1 – Install The Glass.

Everything brilliant is simple. One subtle detail can instantly enlarge your bathroom space and relieve you of noise. Bathroom remodels idea: replace the rod and curtain with a smooth, clear pane of glass.

A glass shower’s basic design and frameless door allow eyes to move freely around the space. The decision works similarly to an open floor plan, creating completely panoramic views and fusing what were once two separate segments.

nyc bathroom remodel

Additionally, upkeep is simple. To change the curtain, you won’t need to pry apart stiff metal rings; instead, you’ll use a squeegee to wick the water away.

NYC Bathroom Remodel Idea 2 – Think Thin

Use functional, minimalist fixtures and accessories to reduce visual clutter. You’ll find a wide range of stylishly minimal solutions in bathroom stores, in mid-century modern and Swedish styles, and styles of all hues.

Check for things with leaner silhouettes, such as chrome shower fixtures paired with a luxuriously enormous tub, whether you’re aiming for a homey, contemporary, or any design in between.

nyc bathroom remodel

Keep in mind that being delicate does not imply being arrogant. Slim shower, bathtub, and sink fixtures in the bathroom will maximize space, and a lovely black matte finish will go well with contemporary corners.

NYC Bathroom Remodel Idea 3 – Floating Furniture 

With floating bathroom cupboards and sinks, like seen here in conjunction with a glass shower, you can take the minimalist idea to its logical, magical conclusion.

To create a buoyant appearance that is both simple and stunning, floating fixtures are mounted to the wall, doing away with all legs altogether. More clarity and airiness are added when fewer vertical lines are close to the ground; more clarity and airiness are added.

nyc bathroom remodel

You might be able to accomplish this with the toile as well. In addition to giving the toilet a floating appearance, putting the tank into the wall completely removed the toilet’s back half from the space.

NYC Bathroom Remodel Idea 4 – Fix a Mirror

For a good reason, this one is a classic. A vast mirror can almost act like a window, opening up extra dimensions while brightening the entire space because mirrors seem to magnify space (and light).

Think about the varied sizes and forms of mirrors. Do you like a trio of medium-sized mirrors or a single glass that runs the room’s length? What material is the frame made of? A ring light that illuminates the face? Nothing?

nyc bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodelers swap out huge, outdated medicine chests for flat, low-profile mirrors. This eliminates a few additional inches at eye level, and as those with tiny bathrooms know, every inch counts.

NYC Bathroom Remodel Idea 5 – Make It Shine

Although matte finishes and dark colors are lovely, you should utilize smooth textures and light hues to make the most of the light and space in your room.

nyc bathroom remodel

Are you thinking about getting new bathroom tiles? Let the sunlight glide over your glossy marble, cool chrome faucets, and shiny subway tiles, just like it does over plate glass showers.

NYC Bathroom Remodel Idea 6 – Get Monochromatic

White is a lovely color choice. There are more luminous neutrals besides white, though. Try beige, ivory, or gray. Even when mixing patterns, you can maintain a light atmosphere using various colors from the same family.

nyc bathroom remodel

Here, a range of patterns and tile types in light gray keep the design consistent while adding visual interest. Utilizing a single color or color palette unifies the space and creates the illusion of space expansion.

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