Soundproofing in apartments is something many of us want. Some are annoyed by eavesdropping on neighbors and other occupants of the house. Others as themselves how to soundproof a house for a party and not be afraid of a neighbor’s complaint; others need it for work and hobbies. Today, there are several ways to make sure no one hears you.

When choosing noise insulation, it is essential to consider all conditions: It is one thing to hide noise from the street and the neighbors for a single-family private home. Another thing is the noise insulation of an apartment or townhouse in an apartment building. Essential and the effect we want to achieve. Based on these parameters, you can consider the options available that are listed below.

When and what is the best time to soundproof a house?

In the first place, be guided by the level of noise that they muffle. We recommend choosing an index of 50 dB or more – with such a neighbor’s vacuum cleaner, a loud conversation will be almost inaudible. If the indicator is lower, there is no point in buying the material: it is unlikely that the difference will be very noticeable.

Regarding the question “When?” obviously, the best time is when the house is still under construction or a major renovation is done.

As for the question “Of what?” here, the range is quite extensive; when repairing walls and ceilings, we can improve their sound permeability with effective noise isolators, but many of them will require quite significant architectural changes. What kind of soundproofing agents are these? And what are their differences?

Soundproofing In Apartments with Acoustic Plaster

It is applied directly to the bare walls by spraying. Its design and rough surface absorb sound very well (up to 70%), leading to its dispersion. It is worth remembering that the thicker the plaster, the greater its effectiveness.

Soundproofing In Apartments with Acoustic Plates

These are plasterboard panels with additional acoustic protection. They are placed on the frame. In combination with mineral wool, they form an effective sound-absorbing barrier.

Soundproofing In Apartments with Acoustic Boards

The most popular solution in soundproofing rooms is as it does not require significant repairs and disassembly of the walls. Acoustic boards are simply glued to the walls. They are also very effective (they absorb over 90% of sounds). The disadvantage is their appearance, which is not everyone liking.

Soundproofing In Apartments with Sound-Absorbing Boards

These are unique boards that are filled with sand inside. They are cumbersome (up to 20 kg) but have excellent sound absorption (more than 95%). However, once installed, they must be appropriately protected not to damage their construction (which would cause sand leakage).

Soundproofing In Apartments with Acoustic Wall Panels

Like the boards, their sound insulation efficiency is somewhat lower, but they have an attractive appearance. Wall panels are usually made of MDF, with imitation of wood.

Soundproofing In Apartments with Acoustic Film

It is installed inside the walls. Proper film installation ensures that there is no noise in your rooms.

How to improve noise insulation in an apartment or a townhouse?

If it is difficult to insulate your own house, but (if you try hard enough) it is possible, then in the case of housing in a home with several apartments, we have far fewer options. It is impossible to rebuild an apartment or townhouse with all our desire, so we have to be content with the walls and ceilings of structures that the builder has already designed. However, this does not mean that nothing can be done about the soundproofing of a duplex or townhouse.

The main problem of apartment buildings is noise from neighboring residents – neighbors, children, and teenagers listening to loud music or sounds coming from the street. Here are some tips on how we can isolate ourselves from these types of noise:

How to soundproof ceiling in apartment?

Install a suspended ceiling is an ideal solution to prevent unnecessary noise from the upstairs neighbors. It is enough to install a simple plasterboard ceiling damped with insulating material. In this case, mineral wool or synthetic rubber will perfectly “cope” with unnecessary sounds.

Soundproofing apartment walls

Soundproofed walls – when installing such walls, we can use the same materials as in the case of a suspended ceiling. However, it is worth deciding on panels of thin insulating material (acoustic screens) that do not significantly reduce the size of our apartment. A soundproofing mat can also be a good solution – it is very effective and does not take up much space. However, it is a relatively expensive solution;

Apartment soundproofing floor

Cover any cracks, gaps, and holes in the floor, for example, the same mineral wool. After that, apply self-leveling mortar on the floor and on top – of the primer. After such preparation of the floor, proceed to the laying of the wood joist. Under it, you can put technical cork. On top – is a layer of chipboard or plywood, on top of which the concrete is poured. Done. After that, you will not be able to complain about the noise, neither yourself nor the neighbors from below;

Replace the doors and floor covering – they can also increase soundproofing. It is worth choosing unique models of doors that lead to the suppression of external sounds, as well as acoustic mats and floorboards with soundproofing;

Furnish rooms with a lot of furniture – according to the laws of physics, and Sound travels fastest in space. However, if we fill it with many soft materials, the room’s insulation will be better. We are talking about typical household items such as curtains, cushions, or carpets;

In addition to these solutions, we can use the same means for the noise insulation of private houses: acoustic plates, boards, and wall panels.

How do I soundproof a studio in my home?

Music lovers and musicians require complete insulation of the recording room related to external and internal sound absorption. Thus, we take care of the comfort of our neighbors.

Also critical to audiophiles is the so-called reverberation time. It should be minimal so that individual sounds don’t overlap. The right reverberation time ensures perfect acoustics.

Apartment Soundproofing FAQ

Here’s a quick Q&A to answer your burning questions about how to soundproof an apartment.

How to Soundproof a Bathroom?

The door should be one of the first things to consider while soundproofing your bathroom.

You can use drywall to cover the walls. Drywalling will almost certainly necessitate the services of an expert.

Rubber mats are perhaps the most effective way to soundproof your flooring.

How to Soundproof a House For a Party?

KS Renovation would like to advise some tips that can reduce the number of problems with disgruntled neighbors:

  • Extra carpet in the main party area
  • Deal with the windows
  • Fit some bass traps
  • Soundproof the doors
  • Line the walls
  • Try other wall coverings

How to Soundproof Front Door Apartment?

Here are some methods for front door soundproofing:

Method 1: Sealing Holes Between the Door

There are a few holes and gaps which are letting the noise through. You can do the following things to help yourself:

  • Add the Dood Sweep
  • Use a Weatherstripping Door Kit
  • Install a Door Gasket

Method 2: Filling Up Cracks Around the Door Frame

Here’s what you can do about it:

  • Use Caulk to Fill Up the Cracks
  • Apply Expanding Foam Around the Door Frame

Method 3: Blocking Noise Through the Door

Here’s what you can do to block noise through such a door:

  • Use a Soundproof Blanket
  • Hang Soundproof Curtains
  • Attach Soundproofing Panels
  • Change the Door

Of course, getting the perfect sound at home is not easy. This is influenced, among other things, by the layout and proportions of the room. These are tasks that should be addressed during the design phase of the house, so you should consult with experts.

How best to soundproof this room? It is worth using proven and effective methods. First of all, we can mention acoustic screens with insulating material of suitable thickness and acoustic plasters and cork boards.

We hope this article was helpful to you. And remember the main rule – soundproofing is much easier and cheaper to do before finishing work than after the repair!

Soundproofing In Apartments With KS Renovation

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